Q1: How can I enter my (yet?) private program into RWBC, if I am interested in competing there?

A1: Just send your program to the given email adress(index page) with a note about your program
      and your desired settings. Of course your program will be treated as absolute privateware and will
      never leave my computers. Please take a look also at my 'Rules' and 'Conditions&Specs' pages to be
      sure you are really content with the RWBC environment, before you enter.
      If your program is very strong it can get one of the rare wildcards for Class B or Class A.
      Normally you have to enter the Qualification, when a new edition starts, if your program is clearly
      better than the 5 Qualification opponents I can add it directly to the Open Class.(TD desicision!)
      (Of course don't try to send clones of yet existing programs, that won't be funny for both of us)

Q2: Do I have to release my private program later, if I want to compete in RWBC?

A2: Definetely no! OTH I would welcome, if you might consider it.

Q3: How do I enter my already released program into RWBC?

A3: You don't have to do anything. It will be included automatically when a new edition starts.
      The engine will start playing as soon as the conditions allow.

Q4: Why do you allow participation of 2 programs per author?

A4: I like to include even older programs from an author and would find it a pity, if I just had
      to stop testing them, because there is a newer program of the same author.
      As I don't want to get involved in discussions about what is a 'different' program,
      I simply call it different, if an author has two programs with different names.

Q5: Why do you run RWBC with 'ponder off'?

A5: As I have just one computer left for RWBC and 'ponder on' is very unreliable on a single machine
      there is simply no other choice for me.