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  • Cutechess EXPER-3.5.0(cli and GUI)
  • commit date 2022-01-29 from 'alweys' test branch EXPER-3(see readme), with add. changes by myself2022-04-02
  • Cutechess (cli and GUI)
  • commit date 2020-09-25 from 'alweys' test branch EXPER-1(see changes.txt), with add. changes by myself2020-10-01
  • Winboard 4.91x (WB 4.91 with some mods by me + a few preinstalled engines)
  • compiled 2020-04-012021-12-15


  • My current self created pgn test book
  • fixed 6 plies only! 1185 positions + randomized version + readme)2022-07-19
  • GS_medium.bin
  • *Polyglot book for bookless programs against programs with books, max depth 30 plies2009-12-30
  • Rybka.bin
  • *Polyglot book made for Rybka and Shredder, max depth 40 plies2009-12-30
  • GS_Alaric_11f.book
  • Alaric main book, max depth 40 plies2009-12-30


  • Gerbil book
  • Kurt Utzinger
  • KingOfKings medium book
  • Dann Corbit

    RWBC GAMES (pgn)

  • RWBC classes games
  • PIII 650Mhz
  • RWBC classes games
  • PIV 2.66Ghz + Q8200 2.33Ghz


  • PGN-Scanner 0.92
  • Gabriel Guillory
  • Toms Game Analyser GUI version 1.6
  • Thomas McBurney
  • Toms Live Chess Server version 1.72b
  • Thomas McBurney (you need to adapt names and server.ini)

    ENGINES FREE DOWNLOAD (Windows versions/compilations)

    Historical releases from gone websites or compilations added to the XB/UCI chronology.
    The entries with an asterisk in the listing number are directly linked to another download place,
    because they were flagged false positive by Google once!

    If the sources are not directly attached to my compilations you'll find a link to them in the readme.txt file!

    99Crab 3.12.0 GSavx2GSJasper Shovelton (GBR)2024-05-07
    98Titan 1.0 GSavx2 + sse4.2/popGSJeffrey Powell (USA)2024-05-07
    97Crab 3.10.0 GSavx2GSJasper Shovelton (GBR)2024-05-02
    96Delocto 0.7 20230720 GSbmi2/avx2GSMoritz Terink (AUT)2024-04-12
    95Cadabra 2.0.1 GSbmi2/avx2GSJoachim Enggard Nebel (SWE)2024-04-12
    94BetsabeII 1.47 - 2023originalJuan Benitez (ESP)2024-04-12
    93Axon 0.1 - 0.3 + srcoriginalJasper Sinclair (USA)2024-03-10
    92Stellar 1.2.0 GSavx2GSDimitrije Dobrota (SRB)2024-03-09
    91Ciorap 0.3dev r129 GSavx2/popGSVlad Ciocoiu (ROU)2024-03-09
    90Camel 1.3.1 GS(sse4.1 no-pop)GSBruno Mendes (PRT)2024-01-24
    89BasicChessEngine 1.0 GSold/bmi2GSAlexander Wimmer (FRA)2024-01-12
    88Lxna 0.3.1 GSdefaultGSLudovic Debever (FRA)2023-12-18
    87Vividmind 1.0 GS(old + bmi2)GSMauritz Sjödin (SWE)2023-12-18
    86Lxna 0.1.0 + 0.2.0defaultGSLudovic Debever (FRA)2023-11-09
    85Piglet 1.3.3 GS(old + bmi2)GSPaul Webster (USA)2023-10-31
    84Camel 1.1.0 + 1.2.0 GS(sse4.1 no-pop)GSBruno Mendes (PRT)2023-09-20
    83SSEChessII 2.02 + 2.045 +2.050originalDCSam Slutzky (USA)2023-09-20
    82Camel 1.0.0 + 1.0.1 GS(sse4.1 no-pop)GSBruno Mendes (PRT)2023-09-05
    81ChandraChess 1.0 GSold/bmi2GSAditya Chandra (IND)2023-08-21
    80Redtail 0.1.0 rev111 GSold/bmi2 (+less memory usage)GSGeorge Munroyo (ZAF)2023-08-20
    79Rengar 1.0.0default (bmi2)GSThomas Swayze (GBR)2023-08-18
    78Freda 0.9 GSdefault + slower search timeGSShaun Howe (GBR)2023-08-18
    77*Blaze 0.1 (fka Trappist)sse4.1 no-popGSAzri Antar (DZA)2023-08-18
    76JikChess 0.0.2originalJanne I. Kokkola (FIN)2023-07-21
    75Megalodon 1.1.0sse4.1/no-pop and bmi2GSPatrick Huang + Arjun Sahlot (USA)2023-07-18
    74Homura 230517 GS(sse4.1 no-pop + bmi2)GSEllie Moore (USA)2023-05-21
    73Carp 1.2 +1.3 GS(sse4.1 no-pop)GSAndrea Sgobbi (ITA)2023-02-19
    72Camel 0.3.1 GS(sse4.1 no-pop)GSBruno Mendes (PRT)2023-02-08
    71Camel 0.2.0 GS(sse4.1 no-pop)GSBruno Mendes (PRT)2023-01-31
    70*Halcyon 0.2 GS(sse4.1 no-pop)GSNicholas Hamilton (USA)2023-01-31
    69Black-Cat 1.2a - 2.3 GS(sse4.1 no-pop)GSAlexander Wimmer (FRA)2022-12-04
    68Luna 0.2.1 GSdefault (debug + release)GSThomas Mergener (BRA)2022-10-24
    67Swordfish 0.1.0defaultGSPatrick Huang (USA)2022-08-19
    66MisterQueen 2014-11-26no popcount/sse4.1 (two versions s. readme)GSMichael Fogleman (USA)2022-04-02
    65Naum (free versions 1.0 - 2.0)originalAlex Naumov (CAN)2022-04-02
    64Chengine r38original + various new buildsLC+GSH Sperr2022-04-02
    63Keele 1.0dev GSold, sse3+pop, bmi, bmi2GSMartin Wyngaarden (USA)2022-02-15
    62Kingfisher 1.2dev r59 GSoldGSEric Yip (HKG)2022-02-02
    61Thinker collection (4.2m - 5.4d)originalLance Perkins (CAN)2022-01-10
    60Monchester 1.0.1-18ssse3, amd10, haswellGSTaimo Peelo (EST)2022-01-07
    59*ECE 0.1 - 20.1originalLuigino Viscione (ITA)2022-01-02
    58Sachy 0.2.05 RCcore2, amd10GSMartin Macok (CZE) modified by Roland Chastain2021-12-21
    57Kengine 1.0.2 r19defaultGSBen-Hur Carlos Langoni Junior (BRA)2021-12-11
    56DeepChess r113core2, popcount, avx2, amd10GSAdam Jedrych (POL)2021-05-21
    55Isa 2.0.83originalDaniel Anuliero (FRA)2021-05-11
    54Isa 1.9.51 - 2.0.61 + BookoriginalDaniel Anuliero (FRA)2021-05-11
    53Robocide 0.464-bit (Cygwin)TMDaniel White (GBR)2021-05-11
    52Robocide 2017071832 and 64-bit (Cygwin)TMDaniel White (GBR)2021-05-11
    51Invictus r324ssse3, amd10, sandy, ivy, nehalem, bdver1GSEdsel Apostol (PHL)2021-05-11
    50SamChess 0.1RCssse3GSJonathan Kreuzer (USA)2021-05-05
    49Megalodon 1.0.0ssse3, amd10 and bmi2GSPatrick Huang + Arjun Sahlot (USA)2021-04-15
    48Micah 1.0, 0.10, 0.9, 0.8, 0.5originalFolkert van Heusden (NLD)2021-04-13
    47Embla 2.07, 2.06, 2.00, 1.03, 1.02, 1.01, 0.991, 0.91originalFolkert van Heusden (NLD)2021-04-13
    46CPP1 0.1038originalFolkert van Heusden (NLD)2021-04-13
    45Megalodon 0.4.3ssse3, amd10 and bmi2GSPatrick Huang + Arjun Sahlot (USA)2021-04-13
    44Megalodon 0.3.2old, bmi2GSPatrick Huang + Arjun Sahlot (USA)2021-04-01
    43Rodent IV 0.30old, amd10 and bmi2GSPawel Koziol (POL) & Bernhard C. Maerz (DEU)2021-03-30
    42Snowy 0.1old-64?Jason Creighton (USA)2021-03-20
    41Feeks 180109 + 180926 binariesdefaultLMFolkert van Heusden (NLD)2021-03-19
    40Crafty 25.6old-64MBRobert Hyatt (USA)2021-03-08
    39*Pigeon 1.51 fix (MS)sse4.1/np, ssse3/np, ssse3/p, avx2/bmi2GSStuart Rifles (USA)2021-03-04
    38Nemorino 6.05ssse3, amd10, avx2/bmi2, avx2GSChristian Guenther (DEU)2021-02-03
    37Cheops 1.3 HKdefaultHKTristan Miller (CAN)2021-02-03
    36Spartan 1.0-64sse4.1/np, amd10, bmi2GSChristian Daley (USA)2021-01-26
    35Clever Girl r185old, amd10, bmi2GSSeth Kasmann (USA)2021-01-26
    34*Gunborg 1.65sse4.1/np, amd10, bmi2GSTorbjörn Nilsson (SWE)2022-01-02
    33Achillees 1.01old, amd10, bmi2GSDaniel Diaz (ESP)2021-01-26
    32Claudia 0.51sse4.1/np, amd10, avx2GSAntonio Garro (ESP)2021-01-26
    31Floyd 0.5 - 0.9originalMarcel van Kervinck (NLD)2021-01-16
    30Delocto_200419various buildsGSMoritz Terink (AUT)2021-01-14
    29Iathena (5.20) + 20200505old,amd10,avx2GSTimothee Schmoderer (FRA)2020-12-19
    28Monochrome rev203old +amd10GSBrades/Charan/Koskeridis/*Taylor2020-12-19
    27Chareth 0.1.0 (r182)oldGSJohn Mc Farland (USA)2020-12-15
    26Rasch r142oldGSIngo Wechsung (DEU)2020-12-15
    25Chessier 0.1.0 (r75)oldGSAndrew Chien (USA)2020-12-15
    24Haddock 0.2.1 devoldGSHans Blom (NLD)2020-12-15
    23Rasher r380oldGSMorten Lohner (NOR)2020-12-15
    22RamJet all versions (0.9 - 0.14+src)originalEdoardo Manino (ITA)2020-12-10
    21KingSlayer 1.00defaultGSHarm-Geert Muller (NLD)2020-11-16
    20Quokka 2.1defaultGSMatt Palmer (USA)2020-11-15
    19N.E.G. 1.3bdefaultGSHarm-Geert Muller (NLD)2020-11-15
    18Monchester 0.99 + 0.99-D5default (clang)GSTaimo Peelo (EST)2020-11-04
    17Chess-At-Nite 12.12.25defaultGSDomig, Lipiridis, Petrik, Tuong2020-10-12
    16Defenchess 2.3 devbmi2, avx2 and oldGSCan Cetin & Dogac Eldenk (TUR)2020-09-16
    15Koivisto 1.0 and 2.0bmi2 and oldGSFinn Eggers (DEU) & Kim Kahre (FIN)2020-09-09
    14Neocortex 1.0 + nps fixvarious buildsGSJustin Stanley (USA)2020-09-07
    13Yace 0.9987 + 0.9986boriginalDieter Buerssner (DEU)2020-08-16
    12Dorpsgek various versionsoriginalMatthew Brades (GBR)2020-07-26
    11ProChess 1.02ADoriginalEdoardo Manino (ITA)2020-04-17
    10Delocto_06devno popcnt sse4.1GSMoritz Terink (AUT)2020-01-01
    9Senpai 2.0x64no popcntTMFabien Letouzey (FRA)2019-12-23
    8SmallPotato 0.70TMAlejandro Dubowski (AUS)2019-12-23
    7RubiChess versions 0.5/0.6/0.7TMAndreas Matthies (DEU)2019-12-23
    6Gromit 2.13 + 2.20originalFrank Schneider (DEU)2019-12-17
    5FreeChess versions 2.16a 2.16e 2.17b"unpacked! (no virus alarm!)"GSIvan Maklyakov (RUS)2018-10-17
    4Aldebaran 0.70originalMauro Scarpa (ITA)2018-06-13
    3Nebiyu 1.45aoriginalDaniel Shawul (ETH)2018-06-13
    2Tornado 25 versions from 0.8017b - final 8originalEngin Uestuen (DEU)2018-06-13
    1Nemeton, Neurosis, Neurosis3D & StansChess older programs/versionsoriginalStan Arts (NLD)2017-12-20

    ENGINES RESTRICTED ACCESS (Windows versions/compilations)

    Access request necessary since 2021-12-28, 'thanks' to the 'Kayra' clan and the 'engines diary' and 'chess2u' sites.
    Anonymous requests will not be accepted. Real name and 'good standing' are required!

    If the sources are not directly attached to my compilations you'll find a link to them in the readme.txt file!

    28HydroChess 0.10 dev220327defaultGS*FirePlank* (FIN)2022-04-02
    27Bit-Genie 9.23 devoriginal + various new buildsGSAryan Parekh (IND)2022-04-02
    26Stash 32.6 devold, modern, bmi2GSMorgan Houppin (FRA)2022-01-19
    25Drofa 3.2.31 devvarious buildsGSAlexander Litov (RUS)2022-01-14
    24Bit-Genie 9.19 devvarious buildsGSAryan Parekh (IND)2022-01-14
    23Tucano 9.13core2, amd10GSAlcides Schulz (BRA)2021-12-18
    22OliThink 5.9.5core2GSOliver Brausch (DEU)2021-05-21
    21Odonata 0.2.2defaultGSAndy Watkins (GBR)2021-04-15
    20Igel 3.0.0amd10, core2 and ssse3GSVolodymyr Shcherbyna (UKR)2021-04-06
    19Berserk 2.00sse4.1/np, amd10GSJay Honnold (USA)2021-03-05
    18Berserk 1.22sse4.1/np, amd10GSJay Honnold (USA)2021-02-21
    17OliThink 5.9.2sse4.1/no popcountGSOliver Brausch (DEU)2021-01-07
    16Tinman 0.41devsse3-amd + oldGSMike Leany (USA)2020-12-18
    15Sapeli 2.0 finalvarious buildsGSToni Helminen (FIN)2020-12-16
    14RodentII 0.968 (final RodentII release)oldGSPawel Koziol (POL)2020-12-15
    13Drofa 2.1.0various buildsGSAlexander Litov (RUS)2020-12-13
    12Cinnamon 2.33 + 2.34no popcount/ssse3GSGuiseppe Cannella (ITA)2020-11-20
    11Cheng 4.40 devsse4.1 and avx2GSMartin Sedlak (CZE)2020-11-16
    10OliThink 5.9.1no popcount/ssse3GSOliver Brausch (DEU)2020-11-15
    9K2 0.96devdefaultGSSergey Meus (RUS)2020-11-10
    8Halogen dev201106avx2+pext,avx2+popGSKieren Pearson (AUS)2020-11-06
    7OliThink 5.8.9ssse3-oldGSOliver Brausch (DEU)2020-10-29
    6Drofa 1.31no popcount/sse4.1GSAlexander Litov (RUS)2020-10-16
    5Stash 12.3no popcntGSMorgan Houppin (FRA)2020-03-27
    4Moonfish_110320 = Stockfish forkno popcntGSJoerg Oster (GER)2020-03-12
    3Sapeli 1.64 - 1.73various buildsGSToni Helminen (FIN)2020-02-25
    2Googleplex_Starthinker 1.7 beta2no popcntGSJost Triller(DEU)2019-12-28
    1Weiss 0.7no popcntGSTerje Kirstihagen (NOR)2019-12-06

    Info: All other downloads were moved to the computerchesswiki (CCW)
    Link: http://www.computer-chess.org/doku.php?id=computer_chess:wiki:download:engine_download_list

    compiled by: TM = Tony Mokonen, DC = Dann Corbit, MB = Mike Byrne, LM = Lucas Monge, LC = 'linuxchess', HK = Hermann Krause