Seeding List of RWBC OpenClass 5th Edition
[Seeding list for the OpenClass 4th Edition]
(Fourth Edition – Results+Tables+PGN)

Start: Nov. 1st / 2nd    Deadline: Oct. 24th    Final list on Oct 25th 
[Promotions: 10  Demotions: all below #42!]
New: I decided to seed now all demoted programs as one block,
instead of giving them automatically the best rankings except new programs!
This applies only for the OpenClass!

(UCI2WB-Polyglot programs without own book start with a small(14 plies) book made by me. 
The books are made with Lance Perkins Bookmaker!)

  1   Naum_13              CA/SR Aleksandar Naumow              new   
  2   ETChess_221004       FR    Eric Triki                     new
  3   Spike_07             DE    Ralf Schaefer +Volker Boehm    new
  4   Pseudo_06g           CZ    Jan Klima                      new
  5   Muse_0899b           CH    Martin Fierz                   new (UCI/Polyglot)
  6   Glaurung_014         NO    Tord Romstad                   new (UCI/Polyglot)
  7   Petir_108            ID    Peter Alloysius                new
  8   Gosu_04              PL    Piotr Cichy                    new 
  9   Deuterium_04020512,  PH    Ferdinand S. Mosca             ->04.04.0719
 10   Eeyore_136,          RU    Anton Maydell                  ->1.47
 11   Hermann_106,         DE    Volker Annuss                  ->1.1.12  
 12   Tornado_08017b       DE    Engin Uestuen                  new (UCI/Polyglot)
 13   GES_127              US    David Weller                   new 
 14   Nesik_070            PL    Marek Strejczek                new  
 15   Natwarlal_009        IN    Pallav Nawani                  (requalified by strength) 
 16   Kiwi_02b             IT    Alessandro Scotti              new
 17   nanoSzachy_15        PL    Piotr Cichy                    new
 18   DelphiMax_29         DE    Max Bauer                      new (UCI/Polyglot)
 19   Elephant_104,        DE    Harald Luessen                 ->1.06
 20   Simontacchi_181,     US    Mike Maxim                     demoted
 21   ColChess_80DC,       UK    Colin Frayn                    demoted
 22   Mustang_267,         BY    Alexey Korneychuk              demoted
 23   Morphy_322,          NL    Eric Walstra                   demoted
 24   Grizzly_1401b,       DE    Michael Lawatsch               demoted
 25   Embracer_112,        SE    Benny Antonsson                demoted
 26   NoonianChess_36e2,   US    Charles Roberson               demoted
 27   Gargamella_050       IT    Nicola Rizzuti                 demoted
 28   Aldebaran_070,       IT    Mauro Scarpa                   demoted
 29   ChessterfieldCL_i5a, CH    Matthias Luescher              demoted
 30   Mint_23,             SE    Christian Soederstroem  
 31   KKFChess_261,        HK    Andrew Fan                     ->2.67b  
 32   Matacz_096,          PL    Maciej Pestka                  ->0.998  
 33   JanWillem_109        NL    Laurens Winkelhagen            new qualified  
 34   Surprise_416         DE    Sven Schuele                   new  
 35   Firefly_112b2        HK    Andrew Fan                     new  
 36   Alex_15209,          US    Normand Blais                  ->1.6301
 37   ChessRikus_1460,     US    Jeff Bishop                    ->1.463
 38   ApiChess_129,        FR    Max Himan   
 39   Smash_09rc1,         IT    Maurizio Sambatti 
 40   Pulsar_201f,         US    Mike Adams  
 41   Belzebub_065,        PL    Radoslaw Kamowski                 
 42   Fafis_10,            MX    Rafael Pena                    ->1.5                  
 43   Hoplite_211DC,       FI    Frans Ekman                       
 44   Tristram_336,        US    James Swafford  
 45   Robin_0983,          PL    Piotr Dachtera  
 46   Aice_064,            GR    Milikas Anastasios             ->0.80 
 47   Marvin_121           SE    Martin Danielsson              new  
 48   WJChess_152,         FR    Jean-Francois Gazet            ->1.64                     
 49   Gaia_11,             FR    Romang & Rabel                 ->2.1  
 50   Latista_100          US    Eric Oldre                     new 
 51   Wing_10              NL    Stef Luijten                   new   
 52   Pooky_21,            US    David Dahlem                   ->2.7 
 53   SEE_069,             AU    Tor Lattimore 
 54   TSCP_181NetDC,       US    Tom Kerrigan          
 55   Ranita_24,           FR    Jean-Yves Lallemand           
 56   Ayito_0254           ES    Jaime Benito de Valle Ruiz     new qualified
 57   Parrot_040501        US    Johanes Suhardjo               requalified  
 58   Enigma_114           PL    Kamil Przybyla                 requalified   
 59   Ajetac_260           MX    Cesar Rodolfo Contreras Pedros new qualified
 60   SilkeChess_121209    DE    Thomas Steinfeld               new qualified (UCI/Polyglot)
 61   Storm06,             US    Sean Empey    
 62   PolarEngine_13,      NO    Odd Gunnar Malin   
 63   Adam_24              FR    Dominique Longbien             requalified (UCI/Polyglot) ->2.5
 64   JSBam_028            NL    Bert van den Bosch             new qualified 
 65   Cecir_30,            UR    Guillermo Carvalho             ->3.5
 66   Imp_072b,            LT    Aivaras Juzvikas               ->0.74b
 67   NewRival_1829,       UK    Chris Moreton   
 68   Zotron_446,          US    Patrick King     
 69   Kanguruh_1712,       AU    Thomas McBurney                ->1.88      
 70   Alfil_4102           ES    Enrique Sanchez Acosta         requalified (lucky loser!)
*DC at the end of the versions name = Compiled/Tweaked by Dann Corbit **new = new in RWBC

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