Updated 05.04.2009

RWBC Bugbase Project for WB/UCI programs


Bugtype A(severe)

I Illegal moves/wrong illegal move claims C crashes T time losses R wrong result claims

Bugtype B(middle)

TM Time management problems (using less than X% of time until cut) WP Winning problems (e.g. cannot win with mating material or stalemates in winning positions...)

Bugtype C(slight)

ND No thinking display WD Wrong thinking display NT Not capable of playing with a ThinkerBook
# ProgName Version Author Exe/Jar Date Exe/Jar Size Prot Bugtype
Details/Comments Bug Date DebugFile Tourney Frequency GUI/Version CPU TC/Ponder Tester Verification Entry Date Solution
1Felpo1001bFelice Pollano10.08.2008712704(dll)WBA/Cduring the middlegame   always(2/2)WB 4.3.15kQ8200 1CPU40/15 P noG. Simon 04.04.2009 
2PulChess02ir70   WBA/Iillegal move claims for W2   always(11/11)   G. Simon 05.04.2009 
3Monik211   WBA/Iwrong illegal move claim uncastled ghost rook appears       G. Simon 05.04.2009 
4Crux50j   WBA/Iillegal move       G. Simon 05.04.2009 
5Trynyty              G. Simon 05.04.2009 
6Alaric     A/Tloses on time       G. Simon 05.04.2009 
7Sachy              G. Simon 05.04.2009 
8Fimbulwinter500             G. Simon 05.04.2009 
9Cheoss      loses on time in the move before the first cut       G. Simon 05.04.2009 
10Aldebaran070    A/Tloses on time in the move before the cut       G. Simon 05.04.2009 
11Trex              G. Simon 05.04.2009 
12StrategicDeep              G. Simon 05.04.2009 
13Testina              G. Simon 05.04.2009 
14Lightning203   WBA/IIllegal move after opponent promoted to N       G. Simon 05.04.2009 
15Awesome11d   WBA/Ireplayed previous move       G. Simon 05.04.2009 
16Crafty1903Robert Hyatt23.05.20031024000WBA/Iwrong illegal move claim for B256 in TBS position   very rarely(1/25)WB 4.26  G. Simon 05.04.2009 
17Pooky21    A/Iillegal move claim for OOO       G. Simon 05.04.2009 
18Lightning203    A/Isends cryptic illegal moves in dead lost positions       G. Simon 05.04.2009 
19Ozwald043    A/Iillegal move a1a1       G. Simon 05.04.2009 
20KKFChess261    A/Irepeated last move again after opponent ignored a draw offer       G. Simon 05.04.2009 
21Blikskottel07    A/Iep capture of a rook!       G. Simon 05.04.2009 
22Alfil4031    A/Iillegal move       G. Simon 05.04.2009 
23Hermann105    A/Iwrong illegal move claim for B3 when in book       G. Simon 05.04.2009 
24Knightcap33    A/Isends move info after being mated, because result claim is formally incorrect       G. Simon 05.04.2009 
25Alfil4102    A/Icastles with an already moved rook       G. Simon 05.04.2009 
26Mint23    A/Isends a cryptic illegal move after being stalemated         05.04.2009 
27TSCP181NetDC    A/IIllegal move after opponent promoted to N         05.04.2009 
28Kiwi03b    A/Iwrong illegal move claim         05.04.2009 
29Monik211   WBA/IIllegal castling with a ghost rook           
30Laurifer10    A/Iwrong illegal move claim           
31FreeChess214e    A/Imoving into check           
32BBChess099    A/Iillegal move xxxx when any move would have been sufficient for a 50 moves draw           
33Echelon103    A/Icastling out of check           
34FreeChess216a    A/Imoving another piece despite being in check           
35Matilde2007    A/Iillegal move a8a8           
36Hopeless039    A/Iillegal move(repeats a previous move)           
37Exacto0d    A/IIllegal promoting move b2a1 instead of b2b1           
38Cerebro30b   WBA/Iwrong illegal move claim           
39Dorky348   WBA/Icapturing own pawn           
40Hopeless043   WBA/Iillegal move(repeats a previous move)           
41Heracles030   UCIA/Iillegal move in the opening   often(6/30)       
42Gosu016   WBA/Iillegal move in the very late endgame           
43Petir439   WBA/Iplaying for the wrong side after book end   rarely(2/80)